Music and Mentoring House

17 East 128th Street Harlem New York Lauren Flanigan Soprano Mansion.png

Founded and run by acclaimed American soprano Lauren Flanigan, Music and Mentoring House provides low cost, extremely affordable programs for singers, hands on mentoring for artists of all disciplines, professional introductions and a safe place for artists coming to study, audition or transition to New York City. For a limited number of artists (no more than 2) Music and Mentoring House offers a unique in-house residency program.

"I wanted to create an environment that is safe, affordable and supports artists of varying ages and disciplines on a variety of levels. I am interested in helping them meet their goals while also connecting them to a broader view of how we can make art and music in the 21st Century. I try and make it so that all of the students needs are met here at the house so that what little money they have can go towards lessons, outside coachings, books, music, local transportation and leisure activities."

Students have complete open access to her extensive library of sheet music, opera scores, biographies, poetry, plays, cd's dvd's and reference material. Students are aided in purchasing appropriate audition attire and the purchase of scores, music and other research material.

Residents are provided with furnished dorm-style accommodations and complete board, wifi, TV, DVD, washer/dryer, all linens, 3 meals and weekly coachings.

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This Project has been made possible in part through AOP, a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, and its Helping Hands fiscal sponsorship program. All donations are tax-deductible.