The Yiddish Folksong Project

A worldwide campaign of education on (and dissemination of) a rich, yet endangered piece of musical culture

Through the centuries, Jewish folk songs in the Yiddish language have been passed on from parent (or grandparent) to child, or through the Jewish congregational community, or in occasional performance within the small circle of traditional Jews, from generation to generation. However, as those people for whom Yiddish was the ‘mame-lozhn’ (the ‘mother tongue’) pass away, the memory of the Yiddish folk song gradually fades as well, and so fades an important part of the chronicle of a people. Sadly, many of these songs are no longer heard at all.

The Yiddish Folksong Project rescues an entire body of folksong literature from obscurity — 42 Yiddish songs with classical arrangements by eminent conductor-composer-arranger Robert De Cormier — in these arrangements — through performances, new recordings, and the first-ever publication of his arrangements.

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This Project has been made possible in part through AOP, a registered 501(c)3 charitable organization, and its Helping Hands fiscal sponsorship program. All donations are tax-deductible.