More Praise for "Before Night Falls"

Jarden, Koch and Koch at Fort Worth A full month after it's world premiere with Fort Worth Opera, Before Night Falls, a new opera by Jorge Martín, is still receiving rave reviews. Before Night Falls tells the compelling story of gay Cuban counterrevolutionary Reinaldo Arenas and his struggles as a political dissident and homosexual in both Cuba and America.

"Vibrant, musically substantive, and very touching... One of the most admirable American operas of recent years."

- David Shengold, Gay City News

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"Although Martín’s score is eclectic, it is not annoyingly pastiche-like. It is nicely shape-shifting. And it all coheres. The orchestration often has a beautiful sheen: transparent but not thin or barren. And I will tell you something extraordinary: Before Night Falls is full of arias, duets, trios, and choruses. There are real, unabashed melodies and tunes. That is old-fashioned; indeed, it is well-nigh counterrevolutionary."

- Jay Nordlinger, National Review

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"...powerfully moving."

- Anne Midgette, Washington Post

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