Henry's Wife Selected for MSM's New American Opera Premieres

In other exciting news, AOP was informed this week that Randall Eng's opera "Henry's Wife" was selected by Manhattan School of Music for their New American Opera Premieres series, to be presented on Sunday, March 13, 2011.  This performance will mark the 9th year that American Opera Projects has collaborated with MSM, Opera Index, and Encompass New Opera Theatre. "Henry's Wife," which is currently in development as part of AOP's First Chance series and was part of the Composers & The Voice series in 2004, tells the story of Henry, a famous, reclusive artist living with his daughter and second wife on a secluded estate.  When a young journalist is summoned to the estate for Henry's first interview in decades, the characters' lives are turned inside out...but by who or what remains to be seen.

Stay tuned for further details!